How it Works

Ultrasonic liposuction is an innovative new technique for removing fat and cellulite from the body through non-surgical methods. It allows you to achieve immediate results you’ll love by shaping the body and removing those localized fat deposits that are the hardest to lose.

Because it uses ultrasound technology there is no need for anesthetics, no pain whatsoever and no recovery times. Ultrasound is commonly used in medical therapy, most commonly for the ultrasound imaging of women during pregnancy, and it is completely safe and without side effects. The ultrasonic treatment causes the fat cells to cavitate allowing the lymphatic system to absorb them and then is excreted in the waste in the colon stool.

Ultrasound is a process of vibration. Low frequency ultrasound causes microscopic bubbles to be formed in the fat cells that are gently expanded and contracted by the low frequency soundwave. This causes a process called cavitation, which is the rapid collapse of the bubble and it is these implosions within the fat cells that break down cells completely. The fat is then quickly absorbed and flushed out of the body by natural metabolic means.

It is the only comparable alternative to invasive, painful and outdated liposuction, but unlike laser liposuction the fat cells are completely eliminated, not left remaining to develop again. Ultrasonic liposuction does no harm to the vascular and nervous systems or the muscular tissue. The results are seen immediately, with as much as a 3-inch reduction of the diameter of a treated area after a single session.

If you want to remove stubborn fat fast, through a safe, non-surgical procedure that’s completely affordable, then ultrasound assisted or ultrasonic liposuction is perfect for you.

In a session you can take during your lunch break you will instantly see the fat melting away!